Summer break over: Schools across Kashmir to reopen today

 Srinagar, July 10: All schools in Kashmir division and winter zone of Jammu division will reopen today after Summer Vacations. Temperature in many parts of Jammu Kashmir witnessed a slight dip in the past week after heavy rains, the mercury rising up again now.

The duration of the summer vacation varied depending on grades, with classes up to fifth grade enjoying a 16-day break, while higher classes experienced a 10-day hiatus. The summer break ensued from Eid-ul-Adha for the primary school up to level and before Eid-ul-Adha for lower classes. The vacations had been announced in view of the soaring temperatures over the second half of June. The school education department had also issued advisories to help students stay safe from heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

While the temperature had witnessed a decrease due to heavy rainfall over the weekend, the new week temperatures have been on the upward trend. As the new school year commences, educational institutions are making the final preparations to ensure a smooth transition for students. Greater Kashmir

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