Naugam Military Station Opens School for Nomadic Gujjar, Bakarwal Tribes Under Sadhbhavana Initiative

 Naugam (Handwara), Jul 15: Sensing the need to impart education to nomadic Gujjar and Bakarwal tribes, the Naugam Military Station opened a school under its Sadhbhavana initiative here.

“With an aim of adding a layer of plumage to our little nestlings, Naugam Military Station, ever steadfast in tending to the needs of the Awaam, opened a Sadbhavana School for the underprivileged children of the nomadic Bakarwal & Gujjar tribes of Kashmir presently residing in the dhoks of Ganpatri, to whom, even the basic educational facilities are a distant reality, given their background”, as per an army official.

“ The objective of imparting basic elementary education to the budding gems of Kashmir is to empower them to lead a better life and to contribute to the development of this beautiful country. Currently 45-60 children are reaping benefits of this goodwill gesture extended by Naugam Military Station with the numbers likely to increase in coming days”, said the official.

“ It is also heartening to see the paradigm shift in the outlook of the local population, wherein, the awareness about importance of good education for the future generations has augmented the noble cause and has led to the growth in number of students over the years, indicating the light at the end of a dark tunnel”, he said adding “We solemnly believe that no dream is too big and no dreamer too small, therefore the efforts in this regard shall keep growing with time, with the promise of a better tomorrow.”

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